[April 20, 2021]

If your loved one passed away with Covid-19 listed on the death certificate, individuals will be able to apply to

FEMA Covid-19 Funeral Assistance Program

(click on name or site to link to the FEMA website)



844 - 684 - 6333

You must apply for benefit with a

certified death certificate and proof of paid funeral expenses.

You must deal directly with FEMA.

The Funeral Home is not part of the application process.



Due to the current health crisis, in an effort to keep our employees and the families we serve safe:

We are asking people to call the office at 392-7100, and only come in with a scheduled appointment. 

Of course, we will continue to ALWAYS be available to serve families in their time of need.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this difficult time.  

Please keep your families safe!


We aren’t just a business, we’re also members of the community.

By limiting close contact with one another, we all limit the opportunities that COVID-19 will have to spread.

We will be maintaining CDC guidelines within our facility and during all of our memorial services and interment gatherings.

Of course we can be reached by telephone (585-392-7100) at any time.

Whatever your needs, we will continue to do our best to take care of you.

This is what it means to be a proud member of the communities we serve.


[April 10, 2020]


We are with you through this COVID-19 crisis.

The whole world is on lock down. No one is unaffected.

You are almost certainly grappling with this crisis the same as everyone else.

This tragedy will pass.  When it does, we can all start figuring out a new normal. Until then, we will keep operating but with a few modifications that we hope will help limit the spread of the virus.

We recognize the trust you place in us to help you honor the passing of your loved one. Even during times like these, such matters do not take a back seat, so we are remaining open to those of our community who need us.

That being said, our customers' health and safety is our top priority. So we want to share the precautions we’re taking so we can continue to serve members of our community without exposing them to unnecessary risk.

● We will be disinfecting our office regularly, with a heavy focus on high touch areas. We suggest the use of masks and gloves to our staff and our customers, as we all must work to reduce infection within our community.

● When you call to make an appointment, whether it is a preplanning appointment or one where your family is “at need”, we will discuss the best time frame for your appointment for the least possible personal interaction and contact - both for your safety, ours, as well as the peace of mind of our other customers.

● For Pre-Planning information, please consider submitting paperwork available on our website.  Go to burgerfuneralhome.com.  On the home screen go to “Funeral Planning”, then “Pre-Planning”, then “Pre-Arrange Online”.  

For AT-NEED information PLEASE CALL IMMEDIATELY. (585-392-7100)

● With schools closed, we understand that many parents have additional responsibilities at this time. We are testing out video conferencing as a means of completing consultations. Please let us know if this option interests you so we can make the necessary arrangements.

● We understand these times are not only emotionally stressful, but can create financial stress as well. Nobody should have to choose between their finances and honoring the passing of their loved ones. Our office will be happy to work with you to find the right plan to meet your financial situation.

● We are spacing out our appointments to limit the number of customers in the office at any given time. This is designed to reduce the chance of contagion through shared air.

● When you arrive for your appointment, we will bring you straight into an office or consultation room to reduce time spent waiting in shared spaces.

● We recommend that memorial services be postponed a few weeks, until the risk from this pandemic has passed. That does not mean that everything will be postponed. This is obviously not possible. Instead, we can take care of  your loved one's final wishes (ie. burial, cremation, etc.) Only the Service to honor their memory would be delayed.

I am available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Please feel free to reach out to me with any concerns!

Wishing you health & wellness,

Doug Sholette

Thomas E. Burger Funeral Home

Director / Manager